Connecting Through Technology During the Coronavirus Disease 2019 Pandemic: Avoiding "Zoom Fatigue"

  title={Connecting Through Technology During the Coronavirus Disease 2019 Pandemic: Avoiding "Zoom Fatigue"},
  author={Brenda K. Wiederhold},
  journal={Cyberpsychology, behavior and social networking},
  • B. Wiederhold
  • Published 18 June 2020
  • Psychology, Medicine, Computer Science
  • Cyberpsychology, behavior and social networking

COVID-19 Pandemi Sürecinde Ortaya Çıkan Yeni Bir Kavram: Zoom Yorgunluğu

COVID-19 nedeniyle tüm dünyada ilan edilen ve yaklaşık iki yıldır devam eden pandemi süreci, bireylerin hayatını derinden etkileyerek birçok yaşam alanında değişiklikler yaşanmasına sebep olmaktadır.

On the stress potential of videoconferencing: definition and root causes of Zoom fatigue

  • R. Riedl
  • Computer Science
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A definition for Zoom fatigue is developed and a conceptual framework that explores the major root causes of videoconferencing fatigue and stress is presented, based on research published across various scientific fields, including the disciplines of both behavioral science and neuroscience.

Prevalence and health correlates of Onine Fatigue: A cross-sectional study on the Italian academic community during the COVID-19 pandemic

The Online Fatigue Scale can be considered a reliable tool to assess Onlinefatigue, which was significantly detected in a sample of Italian academics, along with its negative effects on physical and psychological health.

Impact of Web-Based Meeting Platform Usage on Overall Well-Being among Higher Education Employees

Based on the findings of this study, meeting organizers may consider scheduling meetings for less than two hours and providing training to ensure participants are proficient in the web-based meeting platform in order to support overall well-being.

Current and future influences of COVID-19 on the knowledge management function of conventions and exhibitions

This study presents a new perspective on conventions and exhibitions (termed “C&E”) as places of knowledge exchange and conversion in which participants acquire, create, and disseminate tacit and

Institutionalizing Technologies in South African Universities towards the Fourth Industrial Revolution

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    International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET)
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This study investigated the essentials for institutionalizing technologies for teaching and learning across the three types of universities in South Africa. This was with a view to determining the

Remote Forensic Psychological Assessment in Civil Cases: Considerations for Experts Assessing Harms from Early Life Abuse

Professional, ethical, and legal challenges that experts should consider before conducting a remote forensic psychological assessment of adults alleging childhood abuse are reviewed.

Virtual recruitment - should this be the future for dental core training?

Dental core training is a highly desirable and competitive training pathway which can support the development of a wide variety of skills and lead to a vast range of career opportunities. With there

Digital temperance: adapting an ancient virtue for a technological age

In technological societies where excessive screen use and internet addiction are becoming constant temptations, the valuable yet intoxicating pleasures of digital technology suggest a need to recover