Connectedness of the Carathéodory discs for doubly connected domains

  title={Connectedness of the Carath{\'e}odory discs for doubly connected domains},
  author={Leonhard Frerick and Gerald Schmieder},
  journal={Annales Polonici Mathematici},
We prove that the Carathéodory discs for doubly connected domains in the complex plane are connected. Let G C be a domain and assume that no boundary component is a point. The Carathéodory distance c(z0, z1) between two points z0, z1 ∈ G is defined as sup |f(z0)|, where the supremum is taken over all f holomorphic in G whose modulus is bounded by 1 and which vanish at z1. The following theorem proves a conjecture of Pflug and Jarnicki ([1, p. 42]) in the doubly connected case: Theorem 1. If the… 
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