Connected motorized riders — A smart mobility system to connect two and three-wheelers


The Smart Cities Mission has been launched in India in 2015 to develop 100 cities, with smart mobility being one of the main topics in the mission. As urban areas are flooded with two (motorcycles) and three wheelers (auto-rickshaws), introducing smart control of such vehicles may reduce the congestions on the roads and the number of accidents. Indeed, over-speeding and drunken driving are common traffic violations. In this project we propose an IoT-based smart mobility system which tracks data, such as the vehicle location, vehicle speed, alcohol level of the driver, etc. efficiently over the internet. Our system has been conceived with CPAL, a high-level language meant to simulate and execute Cyber Physical Systems including IoT applications. A prototype running on ARM mbed IoT hardware, shows the feasibility of our concept. We believe that more efficient and interactive traffic management, more disciplined driving behaviors, reduction in accident rate, more controlled pollution, increased passenger safety can be achieved if systems like the one prototyped in this work deployed contributing to smarter cities.

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