Connected Cars

  title={Connected Cars},
  author={H. Holland},
  journal={Dialogmarketing und Kundenbindung mit Connected Cars},
  • H. Holland
  • Published 30 October 2018
  • Computer Science
  • Dialogmarketing und Kundenbindung mit Connected Cars
Increasingly today, the data generated by the car is shared over the internet with other vehicles, traffic infrastructure and private and public entities. These so-called connected cars belong to the evolving Internet of Things (IoT) with manifold related risks attached (see TechDispatch #2: Smart Meters in Smart Homes). The growing amount of personal data generated by connected cars raises the interest of insurers, automakers, law enforcement authorities and other third parties. 
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Smart Technologies - Workshop on Challenges and Trends for Privacy in a Hyper-connected World
It became clear that privacy and its implementation are at the core of the relationship between users on the one side and smart appliances as well as the technical systems and companies behind them on the other and that there is an ongoing need to broaden the understanding of privacy in the direction of a social and collective value.
Developments in connected and automated vehicles
Although the primary focus of USDOT’s connected vehicles program has been in safety applications aimed at reducing crashes on roadways, such technologies also have the clear potential of reducing congestion and improving mobility.


Connected Car: Quantified Self becomes Quantified Car
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Five killer QS (Quantified Self)-auto sensor applications that link quantified-self sensors and automotive sensors to demonstrate the benefit of connected world data streams in the automotive industry and beyond where, more fundamentally for human progress, the automation of both physical and now cognitive tasks is underway.
Connected Vehicles: Solutions and Challenges
The challenges and potential challenges to provide vehicle-to-x connectivity are discussed and the state-of-the-art wireless solutions for vehicle-To-sensor, vehicle- to-vehicle, motorway infrastructure connectivities are reviewed.
Internet of Vehicles - Safe and Intelligent Mobility
A scheme to estimate the vehicle cardinality with high accuracy and efficiency by derives the relationship between the distance and number of vehicles and deduces the optimal parameter settings under certain requirement.
Einflussfaktoren der Adoption von Connected Cars durch die Endnutzer
Connected Cars zeichnen sich aus durch eine internetbasierte, bi- oder multilaterale Verbindung zum Fahrzeughersteller, Fahrzeughandler, zu Versicherern, zu Regierungsbehorden (z. B. Mautstellen oder
Generische Schutzmaßnahmen für Datenschutz-Schutzziele
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ZusammenfassungDie Datenschutz-Schutzziele Nicht-Verkettbarkeit und Intervenierbarkeit sind in der gesetzlichen Realität angekommen. Für konkrete Maßnahmen zu ihrer Umsetzung gibt es bisher noch
Zum Notstandsproblem
Nach zwanzigjähriger Ruhe ist das Notstandsproblem erneut in Bewegung geraten. Wie damals, hat auch jetzt die Entscheidung eines obersten Gerichtes infolge von Situationen, vor die das Leben uns
Sicherheitspotenzial automatisierter Fahrzeuge: Erkenntnisse aus der Unfallforschung
In seiner Metaanalyse dokumentiert Thomas Winkle beispielhaft Analysen fur das Potenzial sicherheitserhohender Fahrzeugsysteme mit geringeren Automatisierungsgraden. Fur eine Prognose des