Conjunctive Simulation of Surface and Subsurface Flow within Water Budget


Traditionally, deriving “operation rules” for multi-reservoirs by modelists, provide convenient tools for “decision makers” without involving them into the detailed modeling procedure. Nevertheless when it comes to “conjunctive use of surface and ground water resources”, they have to face to complex hydrological models at regional scale, or too simplified optimization models at basin scale. It is due to this confliction that while driving operation rules is based on application of reservoir models for long-time historical data, the essential environmental impacts need to be simulated through distributed system. This is more significant in arid to semi-arid regions where considering additional dams are not feasible and large aquifers make important water resources of the area. Under such conditions, intensive well pumping more than “sustainable yield” of aquifers results in “aquifer mining” and infra-structure damage due to the land settlement. Also, improper irrigation practice not only may results in soil salinity and crop yield reduction, but also may degrade groundwater quality below the consumption standards by introducing agrochemical pollutants. Although many conjunctive-use studies have considered some of these impacts separately, still integrating them in such a way that can provides practical charts and rules for “decision makers”, remains as a challenging task. The mere aim of this study is to fill out this gap by integrating effective hydrological processes and environmental impacts, and providing sensible “operation rules” for decision makers. Though at the first step and for the sake of simplicity this report just considers “aquifer mining”, and try to propose some basic rules by means of simultaneous (conjunctive) simulation of surface and subsurface flow within a distributed system controlled by a water budget model. Conjunctive Simulation of Surface and Subsurface Flow within Water Budget

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