Conjunctiva-Müller's muscle excision to correct anophthalmic ptosis.

  title={Conjunctiva-M{\"u}ller's muscle excision to correct anophthalmic ptosis.},
  author={James W Karesh and Allen M. Putterman and D R Fett},
  volume={93 8},
We treated 35 eyelids with ptosis and anophthalmos by resecting conjunctiva and Müller's muscle. Before surgical intervention all patients were evaluated by an experienced ocularist who, if necessary, modified or refit the prosthesis. All eyelids had a positive response to 10% phenylephrine hydrochloride. Preoperatively, the margin reflex distance-one (MRD-1) of the ptotic eyelids ranged from -2.0 to +3.5 mm. The amount of conjunctiva-Müller's muscle excision ranged from 7.25 to 9.25 mm… CONTINUE READING