Conjugation of DNA to erythrocytes.


DNA was conjugated to sheep red blood cells (SRBC) by chemical methods using CrCl3, poly-L-lysine or methylated bovine serum albumin as conjugation agents and by a physical method where conjugation was accomplished by incubation at 45 degrees C. The degree of conjugation was estimated using 32P-DNA (mean size 1 kbase pairs). Employing the CrCl3 method 5.8… (More)


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@article{Loftager1987ConjugationOD, title={Conjugation of DNA to erythrocytes.}, author={Mette K Loftager and C. Koch and P. Hellung-Larsen and Vibeke Andersen}, journal={Journal of immunological methods}, year={1987}, volume={102 1}, pages={65-9} }