Conjugal Violence, Sex, Sin, and Murder in the Mission Communities of Alta California

  title={Conjugal Violence, Sex, Sin, and Murder in the Mission Communities of Alta California},
  author={Brian McCormack},
  journal={Journal of the History of Sexuality},
  pages={391 - 415}
  • Brian McCormack
  • Published 4 December 2007
  • History
  • Journal of the History of Sexuality
ON THE EVENING OF 16 NOVEMBER 1811 Fray Jose Pedro Panto (1778-1812) retired for the evening to enjoy his evening meal at Mission San Diego. After consuming a small portion of his dinner, he noticed that his soup tasted unusually spicy and bitter. He also noticed that it contained a white, cloudy powder. The concerned friar drank a glass of tepid water and proceeded to vomit for a "very long half hour." Afterward, Fray Panto asked Corporal Antonio Guillen and Sergeant Mariano Mercado to examine… 
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