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Coniveau filtrations and Milnor operations Qn

  title={Coniveau filtrations and Milnor operations Qn},
  author={Nobuaki Yagita},
. Let BG be the classifying space of an algebraic group G over the field C of complex numbers. We compute a new stable birational invariant defined by the difference of two coniveau filtrations of a smooth projective approximation of BG × P ∞ . 



Rationality Problem for Classifying Spaces of Spinor Groups

  • A. Merkurjev
  • Mathematics
    Proceedings of the Steklov Institute of Mathematics
  • 2019
We study stable rationality and retract rationality properties of the classifying spaces of split spinor groups Spinn over a field F of characteristic different from 2.

Two coniveau filtrations

A cohomology class of a smooth complex variety of dimension $n$ has coniveau $\geq c$ if it vanishes in the complement of a closed subvariety of codimension $\geq c$, and has strong coniveau $\geq c$

Chern classes and the Rost cohomological invariant

Let G be a simple simply connected Lie group G and Gk the corresponding split linear algebraic group over a field kHC. Let p be a prime number. The cohomological invariant Inv ðGk;Z=pÞ is the ring of

Algebraic BP-theory and norm varieties

Let X be a smooth variety over a eld k of ch(k) = 0. For a xed prime p, the algebraic BP -theory ABP ; 0 (X) is the algebraic version of the topological BP -theory. Given a nonzero symbol a 2 K

Gersten's conjecture and the homology of schemes

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Some Spectral Sequences for Filtered Complexes and Applications

Abstract We construct a hierarchy of spectral sequences for a filtered complex under a left-exact functor. As applications we prove (1) the existence of a Leray spectral sequence for de Rham