Conifer homologues to genes that control floral development in angiosperms

  title={Conifer homologues to genes that control floral development in angiosperms},
  author={Karolina Tandre and Victor A. Albert and Annika Sund{\aa}s and P. -E. Engstr{\"o}m},
  journal={Plant Molecular Biology},
A set of MADS-box genes in flowering plants encode transcription factors that control both flower meristem formation and organ identity in the developing flower. In this report we present the first documentation of the presence of MADS-box genes in a non-flowering seed plant, and indeed from a plant bearing truly unisexual reproductive axes. A MADS-box-specific screening of a cDNA library from immature female strobili of the conifer Norway spruce, Picea abies (L.) Karst, resulted in cDNA clones… CONTINUE READING
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