• Sociology
  • Published 2008

Conhecendo o mundo social dos estudantes: encontrando a ciência e a religião

  title={Conhecendo o mundo social dos estudantes: encontrando a ci{\^e}ncia e a religi{\~a}o},
  author={Elian Br{\'i}gida Morais Falco and Alessandra Guida dos Santos and Ronir Raggio Luiz},
Title: Facing student's social world: meeting science and religion Abstract: The study aimed at investigating how first and third grade high school students of a public school, which is situated in a social context of strong religious influences, apprehend scientific explanations for the origin of universe and origin of living beings. The methodology of the Collective Subject Discourse (DSC) and the concept of social representation were used. Not only did the results reveal the strong presence… CONTINUE READING