Congestive Heart Failure Cardiopoietic Regenerative Therapy (CHART‐1) trial design

  title={Congestive Heart Failure Cardiopoietic Regenerative Therapy (CHART‐1) trial design},
  author={Jozef J. Bartunek and Beth A. Davison and Warren Sherman and Thomas J. Povsic and Timothy D. Henry and Bernard Gersh and Marco Metra and Gerasimos Filippatos and Roger J. Hajjar and Atta Behfar and Christian Homsy and Gad Cotter and William Wijns and Michał Tendera and Andre Terzic},
  booktitle={European journal of heart failure},
AIMS Cardiopoiesis is a conditioning programme that aims to upgrade the cardioregenerative aptitude of patient-derived stem cells through lineage specification. Cardiopoietic stem cells tested initially for feasibility and safety exhibited signs of clinical benefit in patients with ischaemic heart failure (HF) warranting definitive evaluation. Accordingly, CHART-1 is designed as a large randomized, sham-controlled multicentre study aimed to validate cardiopoietic stem cell therapy. METHODS… CONTINUE READING


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