Congenital transsphenoidal meningocele: case report and review of the literature.


Intrasphenoidal meningoencephalocele is a rare clinical entity. Its origin can be congenital, traumatic, tumoral, or spontaneous. Presenting as cerebrospinal fluid fistula with rhinorrhea, the diagnosis and treatment of this uncommon disease is a real challenge for the otorhinolaryngologist. We report a case of sphenoidal meningocele treated using an endoscopic procedure and review the literature regarding its congenital origin.

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@article{Blaivie2006CongenitalTM, title={Congenital transsphenoidal meningocele: case report and review of the literature.}, author={Catherine Blaivie and Thomas Lequeux and Stelios Kampouridis and Stephanie Louryan and Sven Saussez}, journal={American journal of otolaryngology}, year={2006}, volume={27 6}, pages={422-4} }