Congenital short colon associated with imperforate anus (Zachary-Morgan syndrome).


Two cases of short colon with imperforate anus are presented. Terminal colostomy is the therapy of choice in the neonatal period. As the definitive final procedure, trimming into a tubular structure and abdomino-perineal pull-through operation is suggested. A survey is given of similar cases reported in the literature.


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@article{Dnes1984CongenitalSC, title={Congenital short colon associated with imperforate anus (Zachary-Morgan syndrome).}, author={Judit D{\'e}nes and K Ziszi and M{\'a}rta Bogn{\'a}r and E. Schl{\"a}ffer and Josef Toth}, journal={Acta paediatrica Hungarica}, year={1984}, volume={25 4}, pages={377-83} }