Congenital reflux nephropathy and severe unilateral fetal reflux.

  title={Congenital reflux nephropathy and severe unilateral fetal reflux.},
  author={Jeffrey A. Stock and Dianne Wilson and Moneer K. Hanna},
  journal={The Journal of urology},
  volume={160 3 Pt 2},
PURPOSE When prenatal ultrasound reveals urinary tract dilatation, fetal reflux is suspected. Postnatal voiding cystourethrography confirms the diagnosis. The origin of reflux nephropathy is controversial, and the roles of urinary tract infection and pressure effects of sterile reflux on the developing kidneys are debatable. We evaluate the relationship between sterile reflux and renal scarring. MATERIALS AND METHODS We reviewed the records of 100 infants and children seen during a 15-year… CONTINUE READING