Congenital hernia of the lung through the azygoesophageal recess

  title={Congenital hernia of the lung through the azygoesophageal recess},
  author={Young Seok Choi and Young Jun Son and Si Young Bae and Kyung sun Min and Young Kuk Cho and Woo Yeon Choi and Young Youn Choi and Jae Sook Ma and Tai Ju Hwang},
A lung hernia, defined as the protrusion of pulmonary tissue and pleural membranes through a defect in the thoracic wall, is a rare event. It can be congenital or acquired, and cervical, thoracic, or diaphragmatic in location. We report the rare occurrence of a congenital atraumatic lung herniation through the azygoesophageal recess. An 8-month-old male infant, who was born at 35 weeks gestation, had a chronic cough. Chest radiography showed haziness at the right lower lobe of the lung (RLL… CONTINUE READING