Congenital dyserythropoietic anemia type I is caused by mutations in codanin-1.

  title={Congenital dyserythropoietic anemia type I is caused by mutations in codanin-1.},
  author={Orly Dgany and Nili Avidan and Jean Delaunay and Tatyana Krasnov and Lea Shalmon and Hanna Shalev and Tal Eidelitz-Markus and Joseph Kapelushnik and Daniel Cattan and Alexandre Pariente and Michel Tulliez and Aurore Cr{\'e}tien and P O Schischmanoff and Achille Iolascon and Eithan Fibach and Ariel Koren and Jochen Roessler and Martine F Le Merrer and Isaac Yaniv and Rina Zaizov and Edna Ben-Asher and Tsvyia Olender and Doron Lancet and Jacques S. Beckmann and Hannah Tamary},
  journal={American journal of human genetics},
  volume={71 6},
Congenital dyserythropoietic anemias (CDAs) constitute a rare group of inherited red-blood-cell disorders associated with dysplastic changes in late erythroid precursors. CDA type I (CDAI [MIM 224120], gene symbol CDAN1) is characterized by erythroid pathological features such as internuclear chromatin bridges, spongy heterochromatin, and invagination of the nuclear membrane, carrying cytoplasmic organelles into the nucleus. A cluster of 45 highly inbred Israeli Bedouin with CDAI enabled the… CONTINUE READING
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