Congenital defects of the vomer.


Six cases of congenital defect of the vomer, a rare nasal anomaly, are reported. All 6 patients visited Kobe University Hospital with other complaints, and the anomaly was incidentally detected. In all cases, the nasal septum showed a defect at the posteroinferior portion that appeared to coincide with the location of the vomer. None of the patients had a past history of nasal trauma, nasal surgery, drug abuse, or infectious disease. This anomaly may be attributable to an embryological disorder based on an immature ossification center of the vomer.


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@article{Mohri2000CongenitalDO, title={Congenital defects of the vomer.}, author={Mitsuhiro Mohri and Mutsuo Amatsu}, journal={The Annals of otology, rhinology, and laryngology}, year={2000}, volume={109 5}, pages={497-9} }