Congenital absence of the vasa deferentia presenting with infertility.

  title={Congenital absence of the vasa deferentia presenting with infertility.},
  author={Anne M. Jequier and I. David Ansell and N J Bullimore},
  journal={Journal of andrology},
  volume={6 1},
Congenital absence of both vasa deferentia is not an infrequent cause of sterility. Between April 1975 and December 1981, 11 men out of a total of 749 presenting with infertility were diagnosed as having congenital absence of both vasa deferentia. Subsequent clinical investigations showed that FSH levels were within the normal range (2-10 mIU/ml), blood karyotype (XY) was normal, and testicular histology demonstrated normal spermatogenesis. Seminal volume was markedly reduced in nine patients… CONTINUE READING