Congenital Infiltrating Lipomatosis of the Face: A Case Report

  title={Congenital Infiltrating Lipomatosis of the Face: A Case Report},
  author={Asha Mahadevappa and Vanisri H. Raghavan and Sunila Ravishankar and Gubbanna Vimalambike Manjunath},
  booktitle={Case reports in pediatrics},
Congenital infiltrating lipomatosis of the face is a rare lesion that comprises a subgroup of lipomatous tumor-like lesions of infancy and childhood. It is characterized by (1) no encapsulation, (2) diffuse infiltration of mature adipose tissue over normal muscle fiber and surrounding structures of face, (3) osseous hyperplasia of subjacent bone, and (4) a high recurrence rate. We report a case of a nine-month-old infant who presented with swelling over right face since birth. Early diagnosis… CONTINUE READING