Confusion between multiple and aggregate fruits

  title={Confusion between multiple and aggregate fruits},
  author={Richard W. Spjut and John W. Thieret},
  journal={The Botanical Review},
The definitions of aggregate and multiple fruits, and the classification of these fruits, are reviewed chronologically, beginning in 1751 with Linnaeus’Philosophia botanica. In 1788, Joseph Gaertner defined a multiple fruit as one derived from many ovaries in a single flower, and a compound fruit as one derived from many ovaries of many flowers; in 1813, Augustin de Candolle referred to Gaertner’s compound fruits as aggregate fruits. Gaertner’s 1788 definition of multiple and de Candolle’s 1813… 

A Reference List to Field Botany in Kentucky (1985–2006)

ABSTRACT The reference list of 874 field botany entries principally from 1985 to 2006 updates two previous reference lists, the last of which appeared in 1989. Seventy-seven relevant entries through

Antidiabetic evaluation of Artocarpus odoratissimus (Moraceae) fruit

The fruit waste, the peel and seeds, has an intense activity against alpha-glucosidase enzyme because of their phenols and flavonoid contents.

Valorisation of Fruits, their Juices and Residues into Valuable (Nano)materials for Applications in Chemical Catalysis and Environment

This review focuses on the preparation of (nano)materials and their catalytic and environmental applications and highlights the potential appliances and industrial benefits derived from these low‐cost renewable and sustainable greener sources thus essentially converting waste into wealth.

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To a science which prides itself upon precision of language, any confusion in terms is a reproach. The terms of systematic botany enjoy a respectable antiquity, but sometimes lend a regrettable

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Whether the plan adopted in this work is altogether the best for securing this desirable result is questioned.

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This is the method which Huxley worked so hard to introduce into this country many years ago, namely, that of encouraging the student to investigate first, and then telling him more about the things he has seen, keeping the opinions and records of others in the background until he has acquired a stock of his own knowledge to work upon.

Versuch einer zwanglosen Kennzeichnung und Einteilung der Früchte

  • E. Janchen
  • Biology
    Österreichische botanische Zeitschrift
  • 2005
Uber die wissenschaftlieh-botanisehe Begriffsbestimmung der F r u c h t ist bisher noch immer keine Einigung und Einheitlichkeit erzielt worden. Das Wort ,,Yrueht" ist viel glter als jede