Confronting Maxwell's demon: biophysics of xylem embolism repair.

  title={Confronting Maxwell's demon: biophysics of xylem embolism repair.},
  author={Maciej Andrzej Zwieniecki and Noel Michele Holbrook},
  journal={Trends in plant science},
  volume={14 10},
Embolism results in a dramatic loss of xylem hydraulic transport capacity that can lead to decreased plant productivity and even death. The ability to refill embolized conduits despite the presence of tension in the xylem seems to be widespread, but how this occurs is not known. To promote discussion and future research on this topic, we describe how we believe refilling under tension might take place. Our scenario includes: (i) an osmotic role for low-molecular weight sugars; (ii) an… CONTINUE READING


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