Confronting Homophobia at School: High School Students and the Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles

  title={Confronting Homophobia at School: High School Students and the Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles},
  author={Greg Knotts and D. M. Greg{\'o}rio},
  journal={Journal of LGBT Youth},
  pages={66 - 83}
This study discusses student responses to curriculum taught by the Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles to choral students in local high schools. The Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles's A-LIVE Music Project brings live music and standards-driven curriculum to high school youth with the express purpose of teaching content in innovative ways and encouraging students to think critically and reflect personally. This study summarizes open-ended qualitative questions from pre- and post-assessment surveys… 

LGBTQ Inclusion as an Outcome of Critical Pedagogy

Students who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, or queer (LGBTQ) are at greater personal and academic risk than their heterosexual peers (Kosciw et al, 2012).  Many experience a

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Patrick K. Freer is associate professor of choral music education at Georgia State University where he conducts the GSU Men's Chorus <>. 9 " It's halftime. Both teams are in their

"Family Is the Beginning but Not the End": Intergenerational LGBTQ Chosen Family, Social Support, and Health in a Vietnamese American Community Organization.

  • J. Huynh
  • Sociology, Psychology
    Journal of homosexuality
  • 2022
It is suggested that specific ethnic social support via chosen family formations for LGBTQ Vietnamese Americans can shape individuals' sense of self, sense of belonging, purpose in life, and consequently perceptions of well-being.

Changing homophobia : a global perspective

The present thesis aims to understand the global decrease of homophobia over the last few decades. In Chapter 1, I summarise previous research on homophobia, especially in the context of Romania and

Negotiating Theory When Doing Practice: A Systematic Review of Qualitative Research on Interventions to Reduce Homophobia

Tensions in participant feedback can be read as evidence that reducing homophobia is “dirty work”: such work is both vital for society and despised by many.



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Contents Foreword: Schools: The Neglected Site of Queer Activists * Preface: Images of the Invisible Minority * Career Development of Lesbian and Gay Youth: Effects of Sexual Orientation, Coming Out,

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