Confounding factors and diagnostic accuracy of imprint cytology.

  title={Confounding factors and diagnostic accuracy of imprint cytology.},
  author={Gatha Singh Yadav and Mandana Donoghue and David P. Tauro and Siva K.S.N Bharani and M. siddartha Kumar and Ashutosh U. Yadav},
  journal={Acta cytologica},
  volume={58 1},
BACKGROUND Eradication of malignant tumors at the primary site with oncological safe margin is a critical requirement for obtaining better survival rate and less recurrence. Touch imprint cytology (TIC) has proven itself as a quick, simple, inexpensive, highly accurate and reliable intraoperative technique to assess surgical margins in squamous cell carcinomas of the oral cavity. However, it is still unclear how the mode of excision, i.e. by scalpel (SC) and electrocautery (EC), or the method… CONTINUE READING
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