Conformational plasticity and structure/function relationships in cytochromes P450.

  title={Conformational plasticity and structure/function relationships in cytochromes P450.},
  author={Thomas C Pochapsky and Sophia Kazanis and Marina Dang},
  journal={Antioxidants & redox signaling},
  volume={13 8},
The cytochrome P450s are a superfamily of enzymes that are found in all kingdoms of living organisms, and typically catalyze the oxidative addition of atomic oxygen to an unactivated C-C or C-H bond. Over 8000 nonredundant sequences of putative and confirmed P450 enzymes have been identified, but three-dimensional structures have been determined for only a small fraction of these. While all P450 enzymes for which structures have been determined share a common global fold, the flexibility and… CONTINUE READING

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