Conformally invariant 'massless' spin-2 field in the de Sitter universe

  title={Conformally invariant 'massless' spin-2 field in the de Sitter universe},
  author={M. Dehghani and S. Rouhani and M. Takook and M. Tanhayi},
  journal={Physical Review D},
A massless spin-2 field equation in de Sitter space, which is invariant under the conformal transformation, has been obtained. The framework utilized is the symmetric rank-2 tensor field of the conformal group. Our method is based on the group theoretical approach and six-cone formalism, initially introduced by Dirac. Dirac's six-cone is used to obtain conformally invariant equations on de Sitter space. The solution of the physical sector of massless spin-2 field (linear gravity) in de Sitter… Expand
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