Conformal twists, Yang–Baxter σ-models & holographic noncommutativity

  title={Conformal twists, Yang–Baxter $\sigma$-models \& holographic noncommutativity},
  author={Thiago Araujo and Ilya Bakhmatov and Eoin 'O Colg'ain and Jun-ichi Sakamoto and M. M. Sheikh-Jabbari and Kentaroh Yoshida},
  journal={Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical},
Expanding upon earlier results (Araujo et al 2017 Phys. Rev. D 95 105006), we present a compendium of σ-models associated with integrable deformations of AdS5 generated by solutions to homogenous classical Yang–Baxter equation. Each example we study from four viewpoints: conformal (Drinfeld) twists, closed string gravity backgrounds, open string parameters and proposed dual noncommutative (NC) gauge theory. Irrespective of whether the deformed background is a solution to supergravity or… 

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