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Conformal scalar fields, isotropic singularities and conformal cyclic cosmologies

  title={Conformal scalar fields, isotropic singularities and conformal cyclic cosmologies},
  author={Christian Lubbe},
  • C. Lubbe
  • Published 7 December 2013
  • Mathematics, Physics
We analyse spacetimes with a conformal scalar field source, a cosmological constant and a quartic self-interaction term for the scalar field. We also consider additional matter contents in the form of Maxwell and Yang-Mills fields or radiation fluids. Existence theorems for weakly asymptotically flat spacetimes are given. We give a generalisation of Bekenstein’s result [Ann. Phys. 82, 535 (1974)] and use it to derive existence theorems for spacetimes that contain an isotropic singularity. The… 

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