Conformal gravity holography in four dimensions.

  title={Conformal gravity holography in four dimensions.},
  author={Daniel Grumiller and Maria Irakleidou and Iva Lovrekovi{\'c} and Robert A. McNees},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={112 11},
We formulate four-dimensional conformal gravity with (anti-)de Sitter boundary conditions that are weaker than Starobinsky boundary conditions, allowing for an asymptotically subleading Rindler term concurrent with a recent model for gravity at large distances. We prove the consistency of the variational principle and derive the holographic response functions. One of them is the conformal gravity version of the Brown-York stress tensor, the other is a "partially massless response". The on shell… 
Holography of pp waves in conformal gravity
We consider holography of two pp-wave metrics in conformal gravity, their one point functions, and asymptotic symmetries. One of the metrics is a generalization of the standard pp-waves in Einstein
Classical and holographic aspects of conformal gravity in four dimensions
We formulate new boundary conditions that prove well defined variational principle and finite response functions for conformal gravity (CG). In the Anti--de Sitter/conformal field theory framework,
Holographic two-point functions in conformal gravity
A bstractIn this paper we compute the holographic two-point functions of four dimensional conformal gravity. Precisely we calculate the two-point functions for Energy-Momentum (EM) and Partially
Near-horizon geometry and warped conformal symmetry
A bstractWe provide boundary conditions for three-dimensional gravity including boosted Rindler spacetimes, representing the near-horizon geometry of non-extremal black holes or flat space
Two-vierbein gravity action from the gauge theory of the conformal group
We study the gravity action built from two gauge fields corresponding to the generators of the conformal group. Starting with the action from which one can obtain Einstein gravity and conformal
New modes from higher curvature corrections in holography
A bstractIn gravitational theories involving higher curvature corrections the metric describes additional degrees of freedom beyond the graviton. Holographic duality maps these to operators in the
P–V criticality of conformal gravity holography in four dimensions
We examine the critical behavior, i.e. P–V criticality of conformal gravity (CG) in an extended phase space in which the cosmological constant should be interpreted as a thermodynamic pressure and
Dynamical boundary for anti–de Sitter space
We argue that a natural boundary condition for gravity in asymptotically AdS spaces is to hold the {\em renormalized} boundary stress tensor density fixed, instead of the boundary metric. This leads
Holographic Two-Point Functions in
In this paper we compute the holographic two-point functions of four dimensional conformal gravity. Precisely we calculate the two-point functions for EnergyMomentum (EM) and Partially Massless


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