Conformal field theory and Doplicher-Roberts reconstruction

  title={Conformal field theory and Doplicher-Roberts reconstruction},
  author={Michael Mueger},
After a brief review of recent rigorous results concerning the representation theory of rational chiral conformal field theories (RC- QFTs) we focus on pairs (A, F) of conformal field theories, where F has a finite group G of global symmetries and A is the fixpoint theory. The comparison of the representation categories of A and F is strongly intertwined with various issues related to braided tensor categories. We explain that, given the representation category of A, the representation category… 
Conformal Orbifold Theories and Braided Crossed G-Categories
The aim of the paper is twofold. First, we show that a quantum field theory A living on the line and having a group G of inner symmetries gives rise to a category G–Loc A of twisted representations.
Conformal Orbifold Theories and Braided Crossed G-Categories
The aim of the paper is twofold. First, we show that a quantum field theory A living on the line and having a group G of inner symmetries gives rise to a category G–Loc A of twisted representations.
Modular Categories and Orbifold Models
Abstract: In this paper, we try to answer the following question: given a modular tensor category ? with an action of a compact group G, is it possible to describe in a suitable sense the “quotient”
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Two-dimensional conformal field theory (CFT) can be defined through its correlation functions. These must satisfy certain consistency conditions which arise from the cutting of world sheets along
This is the first of two papers on the superselection sectors of the conformal model in the title, in a time zero formulation. A classification of the sectors of the net of observables as
Massless scalar free Field in 1+1 dimensions, II: Net Cohomology and Completeness of Superselection Sectors
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Reconstruction and local extensions for twisted group doubles, and permutation orbifolds
We prove the first nontrivial reconstruction theorem for modular tensor categories: the category associated to any twisted Drinfeld double of any finite group, can be realised as the representation
Correspondences of ribbon categories
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Much of algebra and representation theory can be formulated in the general framework of tensor categories. The aim of this paper is to further develop this theory for braided tensor categories.


Multi-Interval Subfactors and Modularity¶of Representations in Conformal Field Theory
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