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Conformal and projection diagrams in LaTeX

  title={Conformal and projection diagrams in LaTeX},
  author={Christa R. Olz and Sebastian J. Szybka},
  journal={arXiv: General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology},
In general relativity, the causal structure of space-time may sometimes be depicted by conformal Carter-Penrose diagrams or a recent extension of these - the projection diagrams. The introduction of conformal diagrams in the sixties was one of the progenitors of the golden age of relativity. They are the key ingredient of many scientific papers. Unfortunately, drawing them in the form suitable for LaTeX documents is time-consuming and not easy. We present below a library that allows one to draw… 

Geometry of Black Holes

There exists a large scientific literature on black holes, including many excellent textbooks of various levels of difficulty. However, most of these prefer physical intuition to mathematical rigour.



Space-time diagrammatics

We introduce a new class of two-dimensional diagrams, the projection diagrams, as a tool to visualize the global structure of space-times. We construct the diagrams for several metrics of interest,

Block Diagrams and the Extension of Timelike Two‐Surfaces

The work of Finkelstein, Kruskal, Graves and Brill, Carter, and Boyer and Lindquist on the extension and schematic representation of 2‐dimensional metrics is systematized and generalized. As a

The global structure of Kerr-de Sitter metrics

Den ersten Teil dieser Arbeit bildet eine Besprechung der globalen Eigenschaften der Kerr-de Sitter Raumzeit durch die Analyse der Metrik in Boyer-Lindquist Koordinaten. Wir ermitteln die

Chaotic wave maps coupled to gravity


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