Conformal Relativity versus Brans-Dicke and Superstring Theories

  title={Conformal Relativity versus Brans-Dicke and Superstring Theories},
  author={David B. Blaschke and Mariusz P. Da̧browski},
We show how conformal relativity is related to Brans–Dicke theory and to low-energy-effective superstring theory. Conformal relativity or the Hoyle–Narlikar theory is invariant with respect to conformal transformations of the metric. We show that the conformal relativity action is equivalent to the transformed Brans–Dicke action for ω = -3/2 (which is the border between standard scalar field and ghost) in contrast to the reduced (graviton-dilaton) low-energy-effective superstring action which… 

Late time cosmic acceleration from vacuum Brans–Dicke theory in 5D

We show that the scalar-vacuum Brans–Dicke equations in 5D are equivalent to Brans–Dicke theory in 4D with a self-interacting potential and an effective matter field. The cosmological implication, in

Late time cosmic acceleration from vacuum Brans-Dicke theory in 5D

We show that the scalar-vacuum Brans–Dicke equations in 5D are equivalent to Brans–Dicke theory in 4D with a self-interacting potential and an effective matter field. The cosmological implication, in

An anisotropic cosmological model in a modified Brans–Dicke theory

Recently, it has been shown that a four-dimensional (4D) Brans–Dicke (BD) theory with an effective matter field and a self-interacting potential can be achieved from the vacuum 5D BD field equations,

Extended anisotropic models in noncompact Kaluza–Klein theory

In this paper, new exact solutions for locally rotational symmetric (LRS) space-times are obtained within the modified Brans–Dicke theory (MBDT) (Rasouli et al 2014 Class. Quantum Grav. 31 115002).

String-Inspired Gravity through Symmetries

We study a string-inspired cosmological model from the symmetries point of view. We start by deducing the form that each physical quantity must take so that the field equations, in the string frame,

Modified Brans–Dicke theory in arbitrary dimensions

Within an algebraic framework, used to construct the induced-matter-theory (IMT) setting, in (D + 1)-dimensional Brans–Dicke (BD) scenario, we obtain a modified BD theory (MBDT) in D dimensions.

A Machian wave effect in conformal, scalar–tensor gravitational theory

  • J. Rodal
  • Physics
    General Relativity and Gravitation
  • 2019
A frequency-dependent Machian effect previously put forward by Woodward (that for a body undergoing mass–energy fluctuations, the second time derivative of the mass–energy density is a source of a

Baryo-Leptogenesis induced by modified gravities in the primordial Universe

The long-standing problem of the asymmetry between matter and antimatter in the Universe is, in this paper, analysed in the context of the modified theories of gravity. In particular we study two

Cyclic multiverses

Using the idea of regularisation of singularities due to the variability of the fundamental constants in cosmology we study the cyclic universe models. We find two models of oscillating and

Testing gravity in the local universe

General relativity (GR) has stood as the most accurate description of gravity for the last 100 years, weathering a barrage of rigorous tests. However, attempts to derive GR from a more fundamental



Conformal transformations and conformal invariance in gravitation

Conformal transformations are frequently used tools in order to study relations between various theories of gravity and Einstein's general relativity theory. In this paper we discuss the rules of

Conformal transformation in gravity

Low energy effective string cosmology.

We give the general analytic solutions derived from the low energy string effective action for four-dimensional Friedmann-Robertson-Walker models with a dilaton and antisymmetric tensor field,

On the conformal transformation and duality in gravity

The theory described by the sum of the Einstein - Hilbert action and the action of a conformal scalar field possesses the duality symmetry, which includes some special conformal transformation of the

One-loop renormalization of the four-dimensional theory for quantum dilaton gravity.

  • ShapiroTakata
  • Physics
    Physical review. D, Particles and fields
  • 1995
One loop renormalization in the most general metric-dilaton theory with second derivative terms only is studied and for some special choice of the arbitrary functions the dilaton model is equivalent to general relativity with an additional ${\mathit{R}}^{2}$ term.

A New Self Creation Cosmology

AbstractA theory is described which produces continuous creation by adapting that of Brans-Dicke. The universe is seen to be created out of the zero point energy field by self-contained

Symmetries of cosmological superstring vacua

Fourth order Weyl gravity

The fourth order Weyl gravity theory of Mannheim and Kazanas is based on replacing the Einstein-Hilbert action with the square of the Weyl tensor, and on modifying the matter action of the standard