Confocal analysis of chromosome behavior in wheat x maize zygotes.

  title={Confocal analysis of chromosome behavior in wheat x maize zygotes.},
  author={Keiichi Mochida and Hisashi Tsujimoto and Tetsuo Sasakuma},
  volume={47 1},
Herein, we profile the first embryonic mitosis in a hybrid of wheat and maize by using a whole-mount genomic in situ hybridization method and immunofluorescence staining with a tubulin-specific antibody. We have successfully captured the dynamics of each set of parental chromosomes in the first zygotic division of the hybrid embryo 24-28 h after crossing. During the first zygotic metaphase, although both sets of parental chromosomes congressed into the equatorial plate of the zygote, the maize… CONTINUE READING


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