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Conflicts of Integrity

  title={Conflicts of Integrity},
  author={Benjamin c. Zipursky},
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Under Pressure: Homeopathy UK and Its Detractors
  • L. Milgrom
  • Medicine
  • Complementary Medicine Research
  • 2009
The current attacks against homeopathy should be viewed more in the context of the globalised pharmaceutical industry which is itself in crisis, and a succession of UK governments seemingly supine in the face of legislation originating from the European Union. Expand


The Nazi War on Cancer
Collaboration in the Holocaust. Murderous and torturous medical experiments. The "euthanasia" of hundreds of thousands of people with mental or physical disabilities. Widespread sterilization of "theExpand
The politics of cancer
  • Epstein
  • Political Science, Medicine
  • JAMA
  • 2000
Cancer is the leading disease concern of the U.S. public and the "Cancer Establishment" is tied closely to the monopoly drug corporations, and, in their interest, is suppressing existing "cures" such as Laetrile or vitamin therapy. Expand
The Seascale cluster: a probable explanation
  • R. Doll
  • Medicine
  • British Journal of Cancer
  • 1999
The answer that the Black Committee sought has, however, proved elusive and it may be thought that the answer has already been found with the most recent report by Dickinson and Parker in this issue. Expand
Agent Orange in War Medicine: An Aftermath Myth
The results of some of the epidemiological studies on cancer risks associated with exposure to phenoxy herbicides or chlorophenols have been manipulated and misinterpreted, particularly by the Australian Royal Commission on the Use and Effects of Chemical Agents on Australian Personnel in Vietnam. Expand
CONFLICTS OF INTEGRITY guide judges; each may contribute to or constitute a form of integrity, but that is not to say that integrity is itself the guiding light
  • But none of you believed there would be, anyway. As Dworkin's metaphor of Hercules suggests,
  • 1997
The Work of Knowledge, 72
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Malignant lymphoma and exposure to chemicals, especially organic solvents, chlorophenols and phenoxy acids: a case-control study.
Results indicate that exposure to phenoxy acids, chlorophenols, and organic solvents may be a causative factor in malignant lymphoma. Expand