Conflict and Protest in Israeli Society

  title={Conflict and Protest in Israeli Society},
  author={Deborah S. Bernstein},
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Between urban and national : 45 Political mobilization among 46 Mizrahim in Israel ’ s ‘ development

54 In the face of persisting deprivation, marginalized ethno-classes generally mobilize against their 5 governments and/or against rival groups. Two key arenas of such mobilization are extra-parlia56

‘The boys’: work, identity and the constructing of class experience among immigrant boys from Asian and African Countries in Young Israel

ABSTRACT The article seeks to recreate the inner world, and especially the work experience of Israeli boys who attended workshops in vocational schools, youth centers and boarding schools in the

Israel and the Crisis of Radical Blackness

This article examines the reach of Black Internationalism, a dialogue on race, politics, and modernity nurtured by Black nationalists in the United States, between 1971 and 1974. It focuses on

Mizrahim in the big city: an inside look at the social and cultural world of middle-class Iraqi immigrants in 1950s and 1960s Israel

ABSTRACT Israeli society in the first decades of statehood is thought of as a dichotomous one, with middle and upper class Ashkenazi Jews on one hand and on the other, lower class immigrants from

Influential in its absence: The relationship between refusing to embrace sub-national ethnic identities and openness to inter-national coexistence among Jews and Arab/Palestinians in Israel

Most survey research treats the refusal to embrace any ethnic/racial label as “missing information” or includes such responses in a general “other ethnicity/race” category. This article discusses the

Partial establishment – Menachem Begin, Gahal and the Black Panthers

ABSTRACT This paper aims to shed further light on the response of Israeli society to the rise of the Black Panthers in 1971 by examining the attitude adopted by Menachem Begin and Gahal to the

A Moroccan Kabbalist in the White House: Understanding the Relationship between Jared Kushner and Moroccan Jewish Mysticism

Few political pundits believed that Donald J. Trump would defeat a political giant like Hillary R. Clinton in the 2016 American elections. The mere image of Trump, a reality-television personality



Protest Politics in the Israeli Democracy

The amount of pressure which the rank-and-file members of the public are able and willing to exert, the degree of influence which they can bring to bear on the political elite's policy decisions

The Political Context of Social Change: A Case Study of Innovation in Adversity in Jerusalem

This case characterizes an attempt by a group of change agents working within the system to rearrange political relationships by developing alternative, nontraditional bases of support in pursuing a

Building States and Nations

What do we mean when we call a territorial unit a nation? Is nationhood a worthwhile goal for developing areas of the world, or are there alternative solutions to be found outside the Western