Conflict and Engagement in “Reacting to the Past” Pedagogy

  title={Conflict and Engagement in “Reacting to the Past” Pedagogy},
  author={Julie C. Tatlock and Paula J. Reiter},
  journal={Peace Review},
  pages={17 - 22}
Reacting to the Past (RTTP) is an established program that works to engage students on a deeper level by having them work with primary materials actively through role playing. We used an established French Revolution game tweaked for our particular student population. Generally set in historical moments of extreme conflict and debate, the games are meant to be a catalyst for student learning and engagement. In RTTP pedagogy, students are assigned primary readings from the era under discussion… 

Game Design for High-Order Thinking in Review Activities

Abstract Game-based learning offers a compelling prospect for innovative teaching and student engagement, but popular examples often involve either complex, time-consuming systems that invite