Conflict-Free Colorings of Rectangles Ranges

  title={Conflict-Free Colorings of Rectangles Ranges},
  author={Khaled M. Elbassioni and Nabil H. Mustafa},
Given the range space (P,R), whereP is a set ofn points in IR andR is the family of subsets of P induced by all axis-parallel rectangles, the conflict-free coloring problem asks for a coloring of P with the minimum number of colors such that (P,R) is conflict-free. We study the following question: Given P , is it possible to add a small set of points Q such that(P ∪ Q,R) can be colored with fewer colors than (P,R)? Our main result is the following: given P , and anyǫ ≥ 0, one can always add a… CONTINUE READING

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