Confirmation of the Double Charm Baryon Xi_cc+ via its Decay to p D+ K-

  title={Confirmation of the Double Charm Baryon Xi_cc+ via its Decay to p D+ K-},
  author={The Selex Collaboration and A.Ocherashvili and M.A.Moinester and J.Russ and J.Engelfried and I.Torres and E. al},
  • The Selex Collaboration, A.Ocherashvili, +4 authors E. al
  • Published 2004
  • Physics
  • We observes a signal for the double charm baryon Xi_cc+ in the charged decay mode Xi_cc+ ->p D+ K- to complement the previously reported decay Xi_cc+ ->Lambda_c K- pi+ in data from SELEX, the charm hadro-production experiment (E781) at Fermilab. In this new decay mode we observe an excess of 5.62 events over an expected background estimated by event mixing to be 1.38+/-0.13 events. The Poisson probability that a background fluctuation can produce the apparent signal is less than 6.4E-4. The… CONTINUE READING
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