Confining strings in SU ( N ) gauge theories

  title={Confining strings in SU ( N ) gauge theories},
  author={Biagio Lucini and M. Teper},
We calculate the string tensions of k-strings in SU(N) gauge theories in both 3 and 4 dimensions. We do so for SU(4) and SU(5) in D=3+1, and for SU(4) and SU(6) in D=2+1. In D=3+1, we find that the ratio of the k = 2 string tension to the k = 1 fundamental string tension is consistent, within quite small errors, with both the M(-theory)QCD-inspired conjecture that σk ∝ sin(πk/N) and with ‘Casimir scaling’, σk ∝ k(N − k). In D=2+1, where our results are very precise, we see a definite deviation… CONTINUE READING
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