Confinement-deconfinement transition and Z2 symmetry in Z2+Higgs theory

  title={Confinement-deconfinement transition and Z2 symmetry in Z2+Higgs theory},
  author={Minati Biswal and Sanatan Digal and Vinod Mamale and Sabiar Shaikh},
  journal={Modern Physics Letters A},
In this paper, we study the Polyakov loop and the [Formula: see text] symmetry in the lattice [Formula: see text] theory in four-dimensional space using Monte Carlo simulations. The results show that this symmetry is realized in the Higgs symmetric phase for large number of “temporal” lattice sites. To understand this dependence on the number of “temporal” sites, we consider a one-dimensional model by keeping terms of the original action corresponding to a single spatial site. In this… 
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ZN symmetry in SU(N) gauge theories

In this paper, we study [Formula: see text] symmetry of [Formula: see text] gauge group, in one-dimensional gauged chain. The action can be obtained by considering the terms of a [Formula: see