Confined crystallization of fenofibrate in nanoporous silica.

  title={Confined crystallization of fenofibrate in nanoporous silica.},
  author={L. M. Dwyer and Vladimir K Michaelis and Marcus O'Mahony and R. G. Griffin and Allan S Myerson},
  volume={17 41},
Producing stable nanocrystals confined to porous excipient media is a desirable way to increase the dissolution rate and improve the bioavailability of poorly water soluble pharmaceuticals. The poorly soluble pharmaceutical fenofibrate was crystallized in controlled pore glass (CPG) of 10 different pore sizes between 12 nm and 300 nm. High drug loadings of greater than 20 wt% were achieved across all pore sizes greater than 20 nm. Nanocrystalline fenofibrate was formed in pore sizes greater… CONTINUE READING