Confidence limits for Neyman type A-distributed events.

  title={Confidence limits for Neyman type A-distributed events.},
  author={Josselin Morand and Joanna Deperas-Standylo and Witold Urbanik and Raymond Moss and Sabet Hachem and Wolfgang Sauerwein and Andrzej Wojcik},
  journal={Radiation protection dosimetry},
  volume={128 4},
The Neyman type A distribution, a generalised, 'contagious' Poisson distribution, finds application in a number of disciplines such as biology, physics and economy. In radiation biology, it best describes the distribution of chromosomal aberrations in cells that were exposed to neutrons, alpha radiations or heavy ions. Intriguingly, no method has been developed for the calculation of confidence limits (CLs) of Neyman type A-distributed events. Here, an algorithm to calculate the 95% CL of… CONTINUE READING