Confiança e agregação de valor em carnes com indicação geográfica

  title={Confiança e agregaç{\~a}o de valor em carnes com indicaç{\~a}o geogr{\'a}fica},
  author={Fernanda Scharnberg Brand{\~a}o and Alessandra Carla Ceolin and Maria Eug{\^e}nia Andrighetto Canozzi and Jean Philippe Palma R{\'e}villion and J{\'u}lio Otavio Jardim Barcellos},
The increased demand for agrifood products with certification related to the geographical origin has occurred on both global and national levels, seeking to meet specific market niches. In this sense, this article aims to identify consumer perceptions with respect to geographical indicators and their willingness to pay for this attribute. As a method, there was an internet survey among 272 consumers of beef with the help of the Sphinx software. It was found that consumer perception on… CONTINUE READING


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