Confessions of a Sceptical Francophile

  title={Confessions of a Sceptical Francophile},
  author={Roger Scruton},
  pages={477 - 495}
Abstract In post-war France we have witnessed an upsurge in philosophical and quasi-philosophical literature, much of it nonsense and all of it radically politicised. What is the explanation of this? I advance the thesis that the post-1968 literary scene expresses a bid for a new kind of social membership, and that it is the hunger for membership that explains not only the intellectual structure of this literature but also its world-wide influence. I also suggest that there survives in this… 



From What is Philosophy

"The question 'what is philosophy?' can perhaps only be posed lat in life, with the arrival of old age and the time for speaking concretely. It is a question posed in a moment of quiet restlessness,

Deleuze and Philosophy: The Difference Engineer

1. Deleuze Outside/Outside Deleuze: On the Difference Engineer Keith Ansell Pearson Philosophy 2. Deleuze, Kant, and Indifference Diane Beddoes 3. Some Reflections on Deleuze's Spinoza: Composition

The Philosophy of Philosophy

Preface. Acknowledgments. Introduction. 1. The Linguistic Turn and the Conceptual Turn. 2. Taking Philosophical Questions at Face Value. 3. Metaphysical Conceptions of Analyticity. 4. Epistemological

Explaining Culture: A Naturalistic Approach

Preface. Introduction. 1. How to be a True Materialist in Anthropology. 2. Interpreting and Explaining Cultural Representations. 3. Anthropology and Psychology: Towards an Epidemiology of

The Raymond Tallis Reader

Acknowledgements Introduction The Explicit Animal The Nature of Language The Centrality of the Conscious Human Agent The Errors of Post-Saussurean Thought The Two Cultures The Nature of Art Notes and

The seminar of Jacques Lacan

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The Psychology press, 1997), 115. 17 'Simulations

  • Continental Aesthetics: Romanticism to Postmodernism
  • 2001