Cone bipolar cells and cone synapses in the primate retina.

  title={Cone bipolar cells and cone synapses in the primate retina.},
  author={Brian B. Boycott and John Mervyn Hopkins},
  journal={Visual neuroscience},
  volume={7 1-2},
Primate retinal bipolar cells synapsing with two adjacent cones (2C bipolars) are further described. Their synaptic contacts are either as the central (invaginating) component of the cone triads or as basal (flat) contacts on the membrane of the cone pedicle base. Correspondingly, their axons end either in the b (inner half or in the a (outer) half of the inner plexiform layer. The shape and size of the axon terminals of 2C bipolars are indistinguishable from those of adjacent midget bipolars… CONTINUE READING
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