[Cone-beam computed tomography in paleoanthropology].


OBJECTIVE To study the capabilities of cone-bean computed tomography (CBCT) in estimating the bone structure when analyzing anthropological findings. MATERIAL AND METHODS Twenty-four bone fragments (remains) of Napoléon Bonaparte Imperial Army soldiers who had died at a Königsberg military hospital during their retreat from Russia in the War of 1812 were… (More)


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@article{Vasilev2014ConebeamCT, title={[Cone-beam computed tomography in paleoanthropology].}, author={A. I. Vasil'ev and Alexandra P Buzhilova and Elena A. Egorova and Dasha Makarova and N Ia Berezina and I S Zorina and Valeri Khartanovich}, journal={Vestnik rentgenologii i radiologii}, year={2014}, volume={5}, pages={49-53} }