Condylar fractures during growth: follow-up of 16 patients.

  title={Condylar fractures during growth: follow-up of 16 patients.},
  author={Piero Cascone and Pierpaolo Sassano and Fabrizio Spallaccia and Andrea Rivaroli and Carlo di Paolo},
  journal={The Journal of craniofacial surgery},
  volume={10 1},
Fractures of the mandibular condyle represent 20% to 35% of all mandibular fractures. There are several clinical variants of this type of fracture that give rise to different problems in relation to their classification and treatment. A sample of 16 patients (of a total of 280 patients examined and treated from 1985 through 1995) with mono- and bilateral, displaced and decomposed, condylar fractures that occurred during growth were examined by the authors, who assessed, by a 2-year follow-up… CONTINUE READING

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