Conductivity studies of phosphonated methylcellulose membrane

  title={Conductivity studies of phosphonated methylcellulose membrane},
  author={Fatuma M Noor and T. I T Kudin and A. M. Ali and Famiza Abd Latif and Muhammad Yahya},
  • Fatuma M Noor, T. I T Kudin, +2 authors Muhammad Yahya
  • Published 2009
  • Materials Science
  • AbstractThe phosphonated methylcellulose polymer as a proton conductor was prepared by stirring a solution of methylcellulose and distilled water with H3PO4 as dopant salt for ∼24 h. The molarity of H3PO4 was varied from 1 to 4M. The phosphonated samples were prepared in the form of membrane by solution cast technique. The stabilities of these membranes were checked by monitoring the conductivity as a function of time when stored at high relative humidity (RH = ∼80%). Conductivity was measured… CONTINUE READING

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