Conductivity and Dielectric Dispersion of Gram-Positive Bacterial Cells

  title={Conductivity and Dielectric Dispersion of Gram-Positive Bacterial Cells},
  author={A vanderWal and Minor and Norde and Zehnder and Lyklema},
  journal={Journal of colloid and interface science},
  volume={186 1},
The conductivity of bacterial cell suspensions has been studied over a wide range of ionic strengths and is interpreted in terms of their cell wall properties. The experimental data have been analyzed after improving the high kappaa double-layer theory of Fixman, by accounting for ionic mobility in the hydrodynamically stagnant layer, i.e., in the bacterial wall. Static conductivity and dielectric dispersion measurements both show that the counterions in the porous gel-like cell wall give rise… CONTINUE READING

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