Conductive Microfluidic Interconnects to Enable Scalable 3D Manufacturing of Wearable Electronics

  title={Conductive Microfluidic Interconnects to Enable Scalable 3D Manufacturing of Wearable Electronics},
  author={Jonathan Flowers and Chanqing Liu and Sean T. Mitchell and Andy R. Harland and Dale W Esliger},
  journal={2016 IEEE 66th Electronic Components and Technology Conference (ECTC)},
This paper investigates the geometry and surface finish of channels machined into polydimethylsiloxane using a continuous wave CO2 laser. In order to investigate the various mechanisms, that could affect the channel geometry, both the laser power and trace speed were varied in conjunction with the use of a fixed focal size to allow comparison between configurations. It was discovered that as the power level increases, repeatability decreases while dimensional variability of the channel along… CONTINUE READING


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